Hello Friends,

If you are interested in learning how to paint in 6 minutes, I would suggest watching this video by John Stuart Pryce. It is an oil painting of city in France.

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I have filmed the painting process from start to finish, sped it up, and added music to give you a more pleasurable learning experience. I hope you enjoy it.


**Click Here for Time Lapse Video on Youtube!**


If you like it and learn something, feel free to return the favour by doing all that social media stuff like sharing and such.  Thanks!


Hello Art Aficionados,

Do you have a canvas painting or image that is special to you and you’d like it stretched?

Recherché Fine Art is now affiliated with West Coast Canvas, Calgary’s professional canvas stretching company.

  • Often paintings, or printed images, are rolled up for transport.

Transportation Tube

  • West Coast Canvas can hand, or machine, stretch it for you.

Custom Stretched

  • Modern gallery wrap is a popular style that doesn’t require a full frame.

Gallery Wrap

  • It’s an easy, an affordable way to make that awkward, bare wall look polished.

Wall Painting

If you’re interested, please call Chris Pryce at 403-690-9115


Thanks for reading and supporting.  We are currently looking into producing instructional videos, and will provide our readers with the first one free on here.


John Stuart Pryce has given Recherché permission to post and send out his personal art newsletter.  John is Martin Pryce’s brother, and has a resumé longer than my arm.  There is a short writing about him in one of my earlier blogs if you are interested in learning more about him.  Anyways, his Newsletter contains stories and lessons about fine art and painting.  I will periodically post and send them out from his archive.  If you enjoy them and learn from them as an artist, please check his website out and thank him for the free information.  This section of Recherché’s Newsletter is more focused on art lessons than news, so if you are an artist then these will be of particular interest to you, if you aren’t an artist, then the news focused letters will be more of interest.

Here is the his first letter from the past:

Premiere Newsletter
March 15, 2011 – No. 1  
I am pleased to launch and introduce my new newsletter to you and your members.The content of forthcoming interactive newsletters will have art related questions, quotes and anecdotes, which will hopefully be of interest to artists of all mediums.It will also have information on my upcoming workshops and other activities.

I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone.

Today’s Topic – “The Robin’s Are Back”

The Robin’s are back!  What does that mean to us as painters?  Well it means that there will be footprints in the spring mud and snow up north made by the dedicated group of plein-air painters taking advantage of that very short but beautiful prelude to the warm weather.We will hopefully have the good fortune of warm sunny days before the bugs take over; the broken silence of winter with bird songs and the sounds of rushing water.

Uncle John Newsletter 1


I am showing a small painting that I did last spring on one of those precious days. A few phone calls and e-mails, and we will be heading north as the weather improves.

Stay in touch and I will be sending reports of the trips. Keep those brushes clean and ready to go! 

Best Regards,


Pryce Studios


Today I wanted to highlight my uncle, John Stuart Pryce, and brother of Martin Pryce.  I think this post will be valuable to readers, as I will list a link to John’s site below.  On his site, you can see his fantastic work, as well as learn about the artist himself.  The most interesting thing about his site though, is his highly regarded newsletter, as well as some youtube instructional videos.

John Stuart Pryce



     Here is a quote from John:

Artist Statement

     “The quest for eloquence in my painting is ongoing. Strong design elements, an appropriately chosen colour palette, spontaneous brush work and underlying luminosity, are key elements that allow me to share with others what I see and feel.”
A playwright once wrote: Without doubt, beauty is to be found everywhere, but it takes an artist to see it and understand it.”

     “My goal: To share with others the beauty that my eyes see, my heart feels, and my soul yearns to understand.”


John Stuart Pryce
John Stuart Pryce – O.S.A. – I.P.A.P.
     As you may have noticed, art is a part of the Pryce family.